Other Desserts

Our bakers and decorators are always creating new and fun dessert ideas for our customers special events. SO if you have an idea in mind or would like us to help you think up a new dessert idea we would be gad to help.

chocolate covered strawberries

Premium Chocolate plus a fresh strawberry is simply amazing. For our chocolate covered strawberries we use a premium chocolate and have partnered with one of the best strawberry farmers. The result...a to die for dessert. Our strawberries start at only $2.50 each.

mini pies

Small is the way to go, especially when you don't loose flavor intensity. Our mini pies are available in all the traditional pie combinations (apple, lemon, peach, cherry). At $2.50 a pie they make a great addition to any dessert bar.

mini cupcakes

A great way to add variety to a cupcake tower without greatly increasing your cost is our mini cupcakes. At only $15 per dozen these bit sized treats will wow your guests. mini Cupcakes come in several great flavors:

Classic Chocolate Classic Vanilla Red Velvet Lemonade
Peanut Butter Raspberry Vanilla on Chocolate Lemon Coconut
Chocolate Strawberry Chocolate on Vanilla