Cupcake Parties

Do you and your friends love cupcakes??? Well here is your chance to put your mark on the cupcake world. The Cupcake Party can create cupcakes as the theme of the party or as a memorable part of the evening. We specialize in 2 types of Cupcake Parties.

Cupcake Social

Cupcake Socials are great for kids. We allow kids to let the imaginations run wild. We will provide all the cake, icing and toppings, but the kids will go to work and put it together themselves. Our trained cake decorator will be with you for up to 3 hours to setup, break down and teach the kids how to decorate cupcakes.

What we provide

  • 3 cupcakes per person
  • 5 types of frosting (vanilla, chocolate, 3 colors)
  • 8 toppings (see list below under Interactive Cupcake Bar)
  • 1 Cupcake Decorator for 3 hours (30 min setup, 30 min breakdown , 2 hour party)
Cost $12 per child (minimum of 8 children)
Optional: Adult addon - $5/adult (includes 1 cupcake per adult)

Interactive Cupcake Bar

Want to give your guests a great dessert you know they will love. The Interactive Cupcake Bar is the answer. The best analogy is a sushi bar but for cupcakes. We bring up to 5 flavors of pre-made cupcakes, up to 4 cake fillings, 4 frosting flavors and endless supply of toppings. Your guests can come to the bar and order their cupcake with the exactly how they want them and your Dessert Affairs Designer for the day will create the cupcake.

NOTE: The flavors and toppings are pre selected by the host and all the guests have to do is order.

Here are a few sample Interactive Bar ideas:

Classic Bar

Cake Flavors
Chocolate, Vanilla, Red Velvet
Icing Flavors
Vanilla Butter cream, Chocolate Buttercream, Cream Cheese Icing, Coconut buttercream, Almond Icing
Shredded Coconut, Almond Slices, Chocolate Drizzle, Vanilla Drizzle, Caramel Drizzle, Rainbow Jimmies, Chocolate Jimmies, Nuts

Fruity Bar

Cake Flavors
Lemon, Strawberry, Pineapple, Vanilla, Chocolate
Icing Flavors
Lemon, Strawberry, Coconut, Vanilla, Chocolate, Almond
Lemon Sugar, Candy Lemon slices, Almond slices, Nuts, Rainbow Jimmies, Chocolate Jimmies, Pineapples, Cherries, Chocolate drizzle, Vanilla drizzle<, Caramel Drizzle

Candy Bar

Cake Flavors
Vanilla, Chocolate, Almond, Red Velvet, Caramel
Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, Almond, Cream Cheese, Chocolate Caramel
Snicker bar, Twix bar, Milky Way, Milky Way Dark, M&M ( plain and peanut), Rainbow Jimmies, chocolate Jimmies, Almond slices, Nuts, Caramel drizzle, Chocolate drizzle, Vanilla drizzle, Shredded Coconut

Kiddie Bar

Cake Flavors:
Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Lemon
Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Lemon, Chocolate caramel
Rainbow Jimmies, Chocolate Jimmies, M&M (plain or peanut), Snicker Bar, Twix bar, Gummie Bears, mini Chocolate Chips, Cherries